Haier Mobile Phone’s Pakistan

Haier Mobile is a new name in Pakistan Mobile Market, Although Haier is a international brand and selling mobile phones from a long time in international market. It is a joint venture between Haier China & Haier Pakistan. These two companies are cooperating with each other to bring better and good mobile phones in pakistani mobile market.


Currently Haier pakistan introduced three series in mobile phones that consist of Haier Classic, Haier Pursuit and Haier Esteem.

Mobile Phones range from PKR 7,000 to PKR 30,000 and have feature like android operating system, core processor, ram, games, video calling, ability to install latest android apps i.e Whatsapp, Line, Skype and more

The Company is also providing accidental and theft insurance for it’s customer with the coopeartion of Aon Pakistan “Haier Protect Plus” whenever you a buy a Haier Smart Phone you will get Aon along with Manchester United insurance card.

Haier Mobile Phone support centres/warranty claim centres and stores are also spread through out pakistan from Karachi to Peshawar city.

Haier is also producing good TV Commercials for their products which lead to more sales for them.

Haier Pakistan also announced in their last event that they will be launching more series of mobile phones for their loyal customers soon.