Haier Klassic H100 Mobile Phone Pakistan

A Mobile Phone packed with entertainment, camera and longer battery life is what you call Haier Klassic H100. It is the only phone built by haier to provide seamless high quality sound experience. Also in affordable price and smart camera make it top choice for mobile consumers in pakistan.


Klassic H100 Camera


The phone is equipped with smart camera for quick capturing of your unforgettable moments, whether you are with family or friends.

Klassic H100 Quality Sound Experience

The Sound Experience you will get with the phone will speak for itself, forget about HD Sound, this is the best sound technology ever used in any mobile phone.

Klassic H100 Battery


With 1000mAh battery forget about charging it again and again, it can last longer than two days and has talk time of 3hrs+ and 200hrs in standby mode.

Klassic H100 Entertainment


The mobile support various multimedia formats including mp3, 3GP,MP4 and AVI.

Haier Klassic H100 Price

Current price of Haier Klassic H100 mobile phone is 2,199 PKR

Klassic H100 Specifications


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