Haier Klassic Neon T20/G10 Touch Phone

For the first time ever haier introduced a complete touch phone in pakistan with stylish looks and affordable price. Haier Klassic Neon T20 has touch screen and touch keypad which give you seamless experience while using and carrying the mobile phone in your hand or pocket.

haier klassic neon t20

Neon T20 Camera

The mobile phone is equipped with smart camera which is just good to capture a quick photo when you are in a mood.

Phone Factor

Klassic Neon t20 Bar Phone with touch screen and touch keypad.

touch screen keypad


Bluetooth Connectivity help you share your photos and memories with your family and friends.

Price of Haier Klassic Neon T20

The Current price of Neon T20 in Pakistan is 3,499 PKR.

Haier Neon T20/G10 Specifications

klassic neon t20 specs

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