Haier Mobile Helping Shahid Afridi foundation

Haier Mobile is helping poor, sick and needy citizens of pakistan with Shahid Afridi foundation in this Holy Month of Ramzan 2015. Shahid Afridi foundation help people with sickness, disease and in need of food, water and shelter and with the cooperation of haier mobile pakistan they are willing to help many more people in this month.


Shahid Afridi is a pakistani crickter famous for his aggressive play style against the competitors, little that most people know he is a very kind hearted person in real life and founded this organization to help citizens of Pakistan in every walk of life.

In this holy month the foundation is also collecting Zakat and Charity donations from people who are willing to give like Haier Mobile Pakistan. So come forward and help the people in need.

Haier Mobile and Shahid Afridi foundation TV Commercial Ramadan 2015

Haier Mobile-Shahid Afridi Foundation Ramzan… by haiermobile

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